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There's nothing worse than losing sleep because every toss and turn is greeted with a loud, somewhat ominous squeak. Will tonight be the night your frame collapses? Is that spring trying to work its way into your skeletal system? No one needs to live this way—let's talk about why your bed is squeaking and what you can do about it.

What makes a bed squeak?

Time takes its toll on all of us and box springs, bed frames, and mattresses are no exception. Wear and tear over the years may start to manifest as squeaks and creaks at night, but the problem could also be a quick construction fix. Before you can fix the problem, you need to identify what part of your sleep setup needs some attention. Maybe the source is just a few bolts that need to be tightened on your frame. Or even an older metal frame that just needs a hit of WD-40. Find the source of the squeak and then we can tackle the solution.

Push into your mattress—are the sounds coming from the innerspring components? If so, your springs are probably worn out and run-down springs definitely aren't giving your spine the support it needs while you sleep. The only fix for sad springs is to replace them. Luckily, we've got plenty of mattresses to choose from. If you're into springs, take a look at our Hybrid. If you'd like to cut the creaks for good, we have all-foam mattresses, as well. Click here to explore the differences.

5 ways to fix a squeaky bed

If it's your frame that's causing the squeaks, we've got some helpful tips and tricks to try.

1. Tighten up

The most common cause for a squeaky bed frame is a loose bolt or two. Take a wrench to your frame and make sure that every bolt is securely fastened. If you can't get one to tighten up correctly, add a washer to fill in the gap.

2. Silence your slats

Sometimes it's less about squeaking and more about your slats clacking against the frame anytime you move during the night. You know all those single socks you've got laying in a pile after laundry day? Now is the time for the single socks to shine. Adding socks to the slats can help minimize the noise from sliding against the frame when your mattress shifts. If you're one of the rare folks who always has your socks matched, old t-shirts can be cut and used, too.

3. Wax the joints

If your bolts are tight and the joints of the frame are still squeaking, it might be worth rubbing some wax on the joint. Candle wax will do, or you can use paraffin or beeswax. Note that it might take a few coats of wax to fully quiet the noise.

4. WD-40

Sometimes a classic metal frame just needs a little love, and WD-40 is a household staple for a reason. Grease the joints of your frame and push into the bed to make sure you've gotten every squeak out. You'll probably have to reapply every so often, so keep it handy.

5. Put a cork in it

Wooden frames typically don't have metal joints or even slats to worry about, so you may be hearing the mattress and foundation rub against the wood in certain spots. Wedging bits of cork between the mattress and the squeaky part of the frame can help absorb some of the friction and prevent loud noises as you settle into bed. Just hold onto the corks from your wine bottles, so you can test out this hack when the squeaking gets out of hand.

When should I replace a squeaky mattress?

If you've tried just about everything, and you're still waking up to loud noises, it might be worth exploring a shift in materials. Shop for a new bed frame, or an all-foam mattress in the future to prevent squeaky springs.

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